The Oceans Call

by Innocent Fairy   Jul 3, 2012

10 A.M
The fog starts to fade
The yellow inspiring sunlight
pokes it's head out from the clouds.

The gray fades and blends with the beautiful blue.
The waves echo and the wind blows through your hair,
binding you and the wind spirits together,
becoming one with nature.

The clouds roll, saying goodbye
and the clear blooming blue sky comes to surprise.

The silence makes your mind wonder,
like an eagle flying through the sky-
Soaring as the ocean catches your thoughts.

Waves crash into each other,
it makes the lion roar and booms through space.
The galaxcies sing their song,
mother nature joins in and the harmony
is as sweet as the roses that seem to shine.

It is time to go
but the waves pull you in
and you are joined together and forever.

You will leave your footsteps on the sand
but the ocean will give you a sea shell
and if you listen closely
you will hear it's song.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Boy

    Very lovely written... i am in love with your writing. :)