There is Wisdom in Strife

by Faithless Watermelon   Jul 22, 2012

Anarchy beloved, teach me to fish in Hades. I want your embrace like I want to be understood by those who don't have the power to understand. Temptation bathed in love as my bait, I'm unsure of what might bite but I hope to death I catch a glimpse at the end. The air is electric, my nerves are aware of something gruesomely eclectic. Humanity stands between this world and Hades, but we know not what it means for we are obscene. Guide me through falter, flame and fear, dear Anarchy. The signs above have worn away. In their blank stoicism they point towards the man in the mirror, adorned with the fine linens of a modern cynicism that have been stitched with corruption and the greedy hands of charity. The cyclical belief of sacred life will cast this bait into the sea and I only wish that I could see just what the f**k will happen to me, and if I can't I swear, dear Anarchy, I will flee - but promise me you will not blame the sea..

Disagree with me, dear Anarchy, teach me to fish in Hades.

Does a river flow or does it run away?
Is it forced or does it like this way?
If you asked it would you want to stay
for the answer if the truth betrayed?

Humors feint the scorned and murmur slyly;
Truth is a ghost and she's winking shyly.
Life's a story the world knows and applauds,
and a man in love will use it for frauds.

Running out of breath to catch,
I've come to know some little pieces
of my self and the world I see,
but it's out of focus, resolutely.

I've tried to taste enlightenment,
all I gained was a friend in failure;
she's sweet to me, she doesn't lie
but she never sleeps and always sighs.


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  • 11 years ago

    by BlueJay

    The title itself holds much truth. In fact it really caught me by surprise, though knowing you I dont know why. I really really like this piece, you just dont get how well written it is. You wouldnt believe how much I enjoyed this. Nor would you even gain a glimpse of how many thoughts this provoked. Thank you for this superb write. I love the things you write as well as how you say everything you say. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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