You're not done

by Marquesas   Jul 30, 2012

Get up, you're not done yet
You're pretty messed up,
A few bruised ribs, maybe fractured
Can't see out of your left eye
Your right eye's vision blurred
It's getting harder to breathe
The blood clogging your broken nose
You feel sick to your stomach
Legs weak, like a newborn baby fawn
Inside your head your brain is rattling
It hurts just to stand
With all of that said, so what?
When it's over, it will all fade
What matters is what you do now
It may be hard to breathe,
But at least you're breathing
Sight screwed up?
Then close your eyes
Use your other senses
Standing up is the hard part
Everything afterwards will come naturally
So get up, you're not done
You're just getting started.


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  • 7 years ago

    by Kate

    I see the metaphor here. It's like a boxing match and to a point reminds me of The Karate Kid.
    But it also talks about life. Each weakness could be another life problem: money, family, love. I like it.