Wake Me When It's Over

by Amanda Bee   Aug 12, 2012

As the sunlight pours through the window

and splashes across my sleepy face,

I stretch my arms across my bed

and my hand lands upon that empty space.

Every morning, when I open my eyes

I no longer find him lying there.

So I just keep his pillow by my side

and cradle it with care.

Two months later, looking around our bedroom

and I can still envision him walking about.

I can still see him eating, getting ready for work,

then kissing me goodbye, before he rushes out.

So I just pull the covers over my head

to block out the sun in vain.

Then I close my eyes and try to sleep

to block out the memories and the pain.

I sleep the days away

and I lie awake at night.

For sleep eludes me once the sun goes down--

just no use without him holding me tight.

And yes, the tears just keep on coming

but thankfully, they have slowed down some.

Now I'm just left with bittersweet memories

and emptiness that's made my heart go numb.

Nope, nothing seems to really matter

as I lie here all alone.

I pray, I sleep, I eat, I pray,

sometimes I might even answer the phone.

But really all I want to do is just lay here,

as silly as it seems.

Hoping every single time I close my eyes,

I'll get to see him in my dreams.

For that is the only place I have left

where I can still lay my head upon his chest.

Where I can still feel his arms around me;

The only place my broken heart finds rest.

So just wake me when it's over,

when this hollowness inside is totally gone.

Wake me when there's a reason to get out of my bed,

when you're absolutely sure I've completely moved on.

Wake me when I"m able to smile again

and when there's no more pain.

Wake me when my days can be filled with sunshine

instead of all of this darkness and rain.

Leave me laying here through the winter,

through the spring, summer, and fall.

But if I have to open my eyes to find him not there,

then please don't bother waking me at all.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by jodyann mcintosh

    I am so sorry for your loss, i hope one day, very son, you may find that happiness in waking up again. i love this poem

    • 7 years ago

      by Amanda Bee

      Thank you :) I really appreciate it.