Through Your Eyes: A Collaboration

by Amanda Bee   Feb 27, 2006

Through Your Eyes
By: Amanda Bee and Bob Shank

I see the love of God
through your eyes
the sadness of mankind
through your cries

through my eyes
your heart is exposed
through your eyes
I can see my soul

the sincerity in your heart
as you teach a class
such compassion you show
to a struggling lass

the intentions in your heart
as you strive tirelessly toward
building a playground for our children
and with God lies your reward

the tenderness of your soul
when relating to others
how you address all humanity
as your sisters and brothers

the gentleness of your soul
conveying wisdom from within
advising those whom you meet
discouraging hatred and sin

and yet most religions would condemn you
promise you an eternity in hell
for your beliefs about your Creator
do not sit with them very well

those who spew malice in your direction
are out to eliminate your faith
strapping bombs to their backs and chests
claiming righteousness while portraying hate

however you and I
though worlds apart
share a spiritual bond
within our hearts

A bond that can not be broken
for our spirits are much too strong
a universal message of peace
a recognition of right and wrong

on many issues we often differ
on others we agree with a smile or nod
but one thing that is for certain
we are both creations of a loving God

we\'re both convicted in our beliefs
as different as our ideas may be
but we share a passion in helping others
and are both in awe of God\'s supremacy

made in His image
and with a right to choose
but when love becomes hatred
we will all undoubtly lose

so tread upon your chosen path
and I\'ll continue down my trail
meeting you somewhere in between
through tolerance we\'ll both prevail

I see the love of God
through your eyes
the sadness of mankind
through your cries...

through my eyes
your heart is exposed
through your eyes
I can see my soul...

A Collab by Amanda Bee and Bob Shank. The topic was \'Religious Differences\', the first stanza was done by Bob, the second by Amanda, and it continues that way throughout. The message is clear, but just in case you missed it, before you condemn anothers belief, look at it through their eyes.....May your God Bless all of you.


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by ReBecca

    Kick Ass. This was awesome. I've read many, many of bob's poems, but dont think i've had the pleasure before now of reading any of yours. i am new to the club, and am randomly going through each member and picking a poem to read, and i liked this very much. It certainly gets the message across. Live and let live, i say.

  • 14 years ago

    by Natalie84

    HOLY MOLY! I might just a tad bit speechless!!!! :)

    I've admired Bob since the SECOND I laid eyes on his poetry and you KNOW I've loved you since day one as well...this was so refreshing to read. Truly a master you both should be proud of. The discussions about religion on here (well anywhere for that matter) always get heated and out of control but Mr. Shank always seems to shine his light...that it's ok to believe different things. I love that about you two. Wow...I'm just so blown two are just absolutely amazing!!!! I love it!!!! Whoa..ok...I'm done rambling!!

  • 14 years ago

    by Bill Turner

    Excellent delivery of a message that often times gets lost amongst the beliefs that people carry with them. Beautifully done!