Heaven Through My Eyes

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

Heaven is so real,it Almost doesn't exist satan having a crack at you-turning into a twist but now with my Lord's name etched into my fist to gain revenge on my enemies-hit list

My left eye, my hole, my scarey demon, my pain, amanda's naamah taken away by the Lord's divine mercy,now restored light, secure inside my heart burning me.

Such a heavy weight made as light as air,yolk easy- no illusional despair.
On your knees, clasp your hands, speak and the Lord's there.

How wonderful our majesty is by the blood He had shed and by that same blood, will we gain a chance by no longer living with the dead.

I pray Jesus' name on all our forehead's and play the harp angels blow the horn against the beast-red


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