A Crust Of Gold

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

The devil has friends like you and I do, turning all your fondest memories untrue, by planting seeds infecting your mind, a sudden mass of enemies of every kind.

They say love is blind yet the one-eyed man is king, a crust of gold and diamonds fused into one ring.

Finally free of my illusion end of chapter one, taken more than half the book now happiness has come.

But there's still a chain around my neck, my,my,o my dear love,do you have the key for my release?

So you and I can no longer evade,be led astray?

No more going away,for the better days are here to live in a better way.
For my friends are family and likewise the same,no more blood-is-thicker-than-water running down the drain.

It gives us a reason to fight with pride, switching your emotions like a t.v channel nothing to hide.

I admit and say to the Lord that i am a sinner,
I pray so hard that my sins may become a little thinner.

So at my final hour the end of my beginning feasting with my Eternal King,forever lasting,

Death tell me where is your sting? And now light n sunshine in my eyes turning blue, this love I have right here is for you.


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