No Escape

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

I try,but I have been clinched by a strong net,
stuck in an ocean making my dreams always wet.

Where should go to find you? what to do?
I'm just another fool, taking pictures of you without a spool.

My eyes are grey,don't come close to me! GO AWAY!

My mind is bleeding,
cant stop seeping.

God patch it wit 19 stitches,
that was age wen i fell into an illusion with immortal witches.

Drowning me in their devil-pot, I have no stamina, please cut off my left hand,mind of a child as i never planned to be a man.

My grey eyes looking at these grey skies,
stealing telling grey lies.

With my grey smile i just curl up into a corner,cant even look at the face of my son or daughter.

A grey bird sings a grey song...
and when I show them what's right,they say I'm wrong.


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