Eternal Love

by Ali   Oct 23, 2012

We first met and then we went away,
You came again in my life in new way,

I kept meeting you & I was weak,
But you gave me hope and I was able to speak,

You showed me life in a way I had never seen,
I so asked you then where have you been,

What I felt for you I just couldnt hold,
I had to say and for this I was uncontrolled,

You saw my love for you and held my hand,
I said you're mine please do understand,

You're beautiful for me beyond compare,
For life I can have at you an endless stare,

I will take your hand and will show you the way,
I am in love with you and forever I'll stay,

I will hold you tight and never let you go,
Together we will live and will always glow,

Only you can extinguish my heart engulfed with fire,
You're the only, my eternal love, my life's one desire!


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