Love of my Life

by Ali   Oct 30, 2012

When there were just tears in my eyes,
My sorrow was so endless just as the skies,

I was broken, beaten, hurt and ill,
My life was nowhere but at a stand still,

Out came a hand of love and broke the chain,
I am with you she said yes you can live again,

Can you rescue me I whispered in her ear,
I am for you she said that's why I am here,

I could barely get up but grabbed her soft hand,
She wanted me to live that I could understand,

I want you forever and ever please please assure,
Or you can go now as my heart cant take no more,

As She held my hand my heart just pumped faster,
I knew I am being saved from my life's disaster,

As She put her soft hand on my side,
I felt love deep deep inside,

Finally it seemed I was out of the gloom,
I was in love with her & my heart was bloom,

She is beautiful how much I can never say,
But I want her in my life each and everyday,

I can never forget the feel of her first touch,
Something which will always mean to me so much,

I was so happy my smile just wont go away,
shes just perfect in each and every way,

She was an angel coming out of a ray of light,
Everything about her seemed just so right,

I want you you're the best I'll ever find,
Your love has made me crazy I have lost my mind,

I love you I screamed please become mine,
I love you too she said together we'll shine,

With her love by my side I felt above all the rest,
You're mine My Angel to me you're the absolute best.


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