Marry me!

by Ali   Nov 1, 2012

Coming out of the shadow I saw a quiet beautiful girl,
Her beauty so immense, had me spinning in a swirl,

Her voice was soft, and her look was so pure,
I knew if I have her my heart would be secure,

Her Long Hair so beautiful, shiny and straight,
Lost in her beauty I always felt so great

Her eyes glowing like pearls and always shy away,
I want to look through them forever & ever I say,

I couldn't resist but to her I always wanted to be near,
With her I felt free and my life was without every fear,

I couldn't hold myself and said I love you & I was in the air,
She said Forever you have to stay as I don't want a single tear,

I talked to her and assured my true love and what I felt,
She said I am with you and my heart in a moment melt,

I love her the most I tell her every single day,
I love you too she says together forever we'll stay,

I hold her hand all the time a feeling I cannot describe,
Pure, Honest and Love thats what I feel, what a vibe,

I hug her and that hug makes me feel so complete,
A moment of togetherness which nothing can ever beat,

I bent on my knees for her and asked will you marry me,
Yes my Prince I will because together we're meant to be,

I screamed to her hey you're my Princess you're my Wife,
She whispered keep me happy that's what I want in our life,

I couldn't resist I held her beautiful face and had to kiss,
Our first kiss with a heavenly feeling of true love & bliss,

She just shy-ed away with love her in eyes and melted in my arms,
I was emotional and I was crying but my heart was in charms,

She wiped my tears and promised to be together forever,
I will marry you I promised we'll become one forever & ever,


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