My Soul-mate

by Ali   Nov 6, 2012

When you're with me, everything seems so beautiful,
If I have you forever, wow my life would be so wonderful,

Your soft tender touch is something I long for everyday,
When you kiss me I go crazy I feel loved in every way,

When I cant express my love for you through any word,
I have to kiss you to show that you're my humming bird,

When our lips touch together my heart glows my body shivers,
My emotions flow freely through my heart just like all the rivers,

I love you so much than anyone that's all I can say to you,
An Emotion greater than love for you is what I am going through,

When we hug each other I lose my self in your arms,
I know I am protected from all the world's harms,

When I look so deeply in your eyes I see my life in them,
I thank God every moment for blessing me with such a gem,

You're my world, you're my soul, you're my everything you're my life,
I am longing for the day and I know very soon you'll become my wife.

**I Love you so much forever & ever. You're Indeed my Real Soul-mate.**


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