As Difficult as it sounds - Depression

by TheDarkCloudBehindthePoet   Nov 12, 2012

It is a painful reality and a painful truth,
The weight of the world is on your shoulders as if you were Atlas,
Nightwarish thoughts cycle through your brain daily,
The body is a prisoner to the mind,

Every turn is going the wrong way,
Every success is an eventual failure,
Every friend turns foe,
Love becomes corrupt with ideals of foul play,

The only color that you see is red, like the plague of ancient Egypt,
Malnutrition sets in disassembling your body,
The will to eat is the furthest from your mind,
Scars of sorrow soon arrive all over your body,

Death greets you at your doorstep as if you were long lost relatives,
He offers his cold hand as a gesture of friendship,
Your heart says no, but your mind says yes,
Death and yourself slowly vanish as you walk into the sunset,

The curtain closes, but you are the only one in the audience applauding.


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