Me And You

by Ali   Nov 16, 2012

You're mine I love you & you're my heaven,
I am born on April four and you on seven,

It amazes me when I realize how similar we are,
With you I feel free I want to cross every bar,

I have opened up my life to you & my heart,
I know you're within me you're not apart,

You have given me love and happiness beyond measure,
Something which I craved and will always treasure,

How much you love me makes me happy inside,
I know very soon I'll make you my bride,

Our moments of love and togetherness where we both cry,
Joy of having each other it is with tears in our eye,

Love, respect, loyalty and honesty is all I have to give,
This is what your love taught me & happily we'll forever live,

I love you my Princess all I want is you and your love,
You complete me and very soon you'll be my wife my dove.


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