Can you see the past in the future?

by Espoirfailed   Dec 25, 2012

And it's the realisation that hits you hard
When you no longer hold what you could have had.
It's knowing they were the best that you'd ever get
And accepting that you lost it big time.
It's the change that gradually takes place until you grow old enough to see yourself for what you are, but young enough to think you can fix it.
And i'd try my very hardest to better myself for you, but i'm doubting that will ever be enough. I blew it big time, yeah I f**ked that one up.
The cyclical nature of life, it fascinates me because you were here and then you were no one and here you are again.
I couldn't have imagined I'd be back to this place.
But I suppose I'm not.
Well yeah I'm wanting you but I understand things a little better now, I know that you're the best person I've ever met. Not that I didn't before, but I couldn't appreciate anything then. Like a butterfly without a mirror.
I couldn't see your beauty through all the pain.
But now I can.
I can.
And I just hope one day you can see in me what you saw before.


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