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i know i said i love you but i'm thinking i was wrong. i'm the first to admit that i'm still pretty young and i never meant to hurt you when i wrote you ten love songs.

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  • Burn (1) 1

    Sometimes the sickening thought of it just creeps...
    It leaves me all short.of.breath...

  • Burst (1)

    It was the look you gave to me when I tried to...
    You thought everyone was looking for an excuse to...

  • And it's the realisation that hits you hard
    When you no longer hold what you could have had...

  • This is one of those that I've never understood...
    And like I said I never thought I'd write one of...

  • Well I know I'm supposed to be working but it...
    Shall we pretend it didn't happen because that's...

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  • Love isn't dead,

    it was never alive

    17 years ago
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  • Don't frown because i know someone who's in love with your smile.

    (not my own, but great none the less)

    17 years ago
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  • "I" is the tenth most used word in the english language, "you" is only eighteenth, think about it...

    17 years ago
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