A heart is more than chambers and valves

by Espoirfailed   Aug 11, 2011

Well I know I'm supposed to be working but it won't silence me for long. And i can't fathom ice cubes into bullets, but you can't hold a gun.

Shall we pretend it didn't happen because that's easier for all. Or should we let gravity take its course, knowing one day we'll eventually fall. And fail. But I'm used to that and my heart never caught up on the beat it missed when you walked into the room.

I said maybe it shouldn't be and you laughed me off but I didn't wait around too long for you to hear me cry. And the silence and the blissful ignorance it echoed round the room. And everything got loaded again.

I didn't want you to want her but fighting the inevitable is hard. I joked and I asked until I pleaded and I begged. But you either couldn't or wouldn't hear me through the glass. Nothing seemed to make it shatter and I told you my heart was already like that.

Yeah, it's valves and chambers and muscle in the most literal sense but you'd never think of it that way. And you never wanted to be around to hear me say it just won't work. It hasn't and it won't. But you can always hold me and try until it hurts.


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