Our Engagement

by Ali   Dec 25, 2012

The Promises will soon be fulfilled,
My Love in you is more & more instilled,

Our Engagement Ceremony what a lovely night,
Everyone happy & the two of us shining bright,

I reached there and kept waiting for you to come,
You looked so beautiful and my senses went numb,

You came towards me and sat right besides me,
I whispered this is the moment we waited to be,

The cameras clicked and the lights flashed,
Everything so perfect & our emotions splashed,

Out came the rings and I gently asked for your hand,
I realized this happened so quickly nothing was planned,

I put the ring in your finger & your look was full of love,
Something I craved & Dreamed all my life from up above,

When you gave me the ring I felt so complete,
A feeling which nothing can never ever beat,

The diamonds were surely glowing in our rings,
But more than this our love was in full springs,

I love you I whispered our wedding is very near,
I love you too she said & smiled with a happy cheer.


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