The Kite Runner...

by Amreen   Jan 15, 2013

He flies
his tattered kite
and runs barefoot
through the pavement.

The summer shines on his innocence
as he smiles his way
to assist his poor father
in his shoe-polish work.

Men put forth their status to polish
and pay the service in alms.
He accepts the gift of hardwork
with a smile.

His father gives
his semi-orphan child
a penny to dwell
for the day.

He runs
with his kite-
his year-old friend
towards the fields.

To pluck a petal of happiness
growing in the meadows of poverty.
And catch the wings of imagination
perched on the stalks of despair.

prolonged hunger,
no status in the society-
defines his state, his truth.

But his entire fascination lies in his kite,
whose life is alike him-
torn and ragged,
taking a failed flight in the sky of life.

At night,
he comes back home-
A cloth shed
at the pavement.

He lays with his kite
and closes his eyes,
keeping his hand over it.
A poor child, fondly called the Kite Runner.

This poem is dedicated to povertized children and it primarily attempts to convey that like the kite runner, who despite being a poor, semi-orphaned child finds happiness in what he gets, we should try and be happy with what we have.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Yakori bint Muhammed

    I so much admire how you told a tale of the kite runner in this poem. It'll make one to understand the theme of the movie without even watching the movie or reading the novel. Very exemplary of you.

    I haven't read the book or watched the movie, but I'll I.S.A., watch the movie sometime in the nearest future. But I've heard about it and I think I've briefly had a glimpse of the movie years back.

    Every child in the world is entitled to sound education, good health, nutritional food and a happy and productive environment.
    However, we live in a world were sentiments have taken control of conventional ideals. People rule without fear of God, using injustice, selfishness, greediness & corruption over right form of governance. The reality that's staring at us favors the rich and the privileged not the masses.

    There's a seeming gap between the rich and the poor. Not only are adults adding surge to the embers of the status trend in most communities nowadays. But unfortunately, children have also taken upon their parents and older ones, whom they emulate. Their need to be an awareness on such to reduce the rate in which the unprivileged in the society will have equal rights with the elites.

    It pains me that day in, the day out the economic situations in most countries is downtrodden at the detriment of the masses. Luxury is far from the needy or poor persons walls. Their muffled worries and pangs of trepidation is always apparent in their disposition. Nevertheless, they make do with what they have and strive to live a purposeful life despite the odds. They shield their misery with smiles and stay hopeful. Anticipating the shower of peace, hope and comfort. With tattered clothes and dwelling in derelict buildings, they live happy.

    A beautifully written poem. Thanks for sharing. Tabarakallah.

    • 8 years ago

      by Amreen

      Thanks Sis for your indepth comment. I am glad you liked my effort and thank you so much for your words and love. I too hope and pray that each one of us be equal and live their life with harmony. Take Care. As-Salaam. *hugs back*

  • 9 years ago

    by Angie

    (Weekly Contest Comment - 1/21/13)

    This is a powerful and inspirational write, I hope all that read this learn from it as well, be grateful for what you have. The innocence and happiness of a child, whether orphaned homeless or otherwise is precious and I love how you've touched on that, yet it's also heartbreaking knowing how this poor child lives. I could picture this little one running through the fields, giggling, looking up toward the sky watching his kite fly... and then I see him sleeping holding his kite close like another child would a teddy bear, the imagery in this write is wonderful and it flowed perfectly. This piece truly touched my heart. (10)

  • 9 years ago


    Amreen, you are amongst my favourite Poets, and are truly talented. Well done for yet another great and interesting poem.
    I see the images clearly as you paint some fantastic images with your beautiful words.
    A great piece Amreen!

  • 9 years ago

    by Sinclaire

    This is beautiful, congrats on the win it's very well deserved. The image you create with the little boy is so vivid and innocent as well as extremely powerful and touching.

    He accepts the gift of hardwork
    with a smile.

    ^^This line jumped out at me as I was reading. How someone in his situation can take this with a smile, he sounds so brave and hopeful. Should hard work be two words? -That's my only critique.

    This poem is going into my favorites, it's amazing. I would say more but the words aren't coming to me at the moment.

  • 9 years ago

    by TSI25

    Very vivid imagery. it really is touching how bright and adventurous the world of a child can be, no matter how unliveable and horrible an adult might find a similar situation. the child finding hope in this kite is really and truly inspirational, this was a very good read with virtually no distracting errors of any kind. this really did deserve to win

    perfectly defined main character, absolutely flawless