An unfortunate night

by Smilie   Mar 7, 2013

One starry night
Two lovers had their first little fight
The man tried with all his might\to convince the girl to stay with him that night
Though the streetlights shone so bright
One could not predict nature's given plight
To anger him out of spite
She didn't listen and drove home that eerie night
Suddenly, the girl cried out from fright
She blacked out upon seeing the sight
Sirens pierced the otherwise quiet night
Arriving at the accident site
The cops heaved a sigh in respite
For the girl had revived right before their sight
The man in the car was however in different plight
He had received quite a smite
Surely he would die on that fateful night
In the presence of his lover's sight
He had wanted to make sure she arrived home all right
He tried to stay awake with all his might
Unfortunately death triumphed over the fight


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