by Smilie   Mar 7, 2013

Where ma girls @,the fellas wanna start something.we aint gonna sit here doin nutin.they askin who a real woman is.sit back,cuz u sure dont wanna miss dis.a real woman is diligent.
She is intelligent.she knows wen 2 play n how long 2 stay.she's been thru it all n does not waste time @ the mall.she does not believe in stereotypes.ambition n dedication r embedded in her genotype.a real woman dont need a man 2 fix that dent,or find out the origin of that awful scent.nigga,she showed ya ass da door.r u still standin there tryna figure out what she meant?

A real woman knows how 2 dress.she targets the one she wanna impress.wit her little black dress n that soft caress,any guy would beg her 2 be his empress.she does not have 2 bare her breast.she passes all tests n gets all da rest.she catches a guy's eye wherever she goes.which of da guys would win her heart?no one knows.a real woman is every guy's dream.let's not 4get she makes their hormones scream.and that's not all.she always ready 2 catch everybody's fall.They say if u educate a nation.might as well b da whole generation.da fact dat she knows her destination prevents any procrastination.

A real woman knows how 2 keep house.u r sure 2 find not a single mouse.da air so fresh n clean.the floors shine wit a glossy sheen.unlike men,a woman is dedicated.she doesn't jump:one job 2 another,one girl 2 another.That is being sophisticated.She decides n sticks.no matter how painfully it pricks.dat's a woman,she can handle pain like childbirth it might drive her insane.however,she manages all the same.

A real woman analyzes.she was da 1st to be wise.she doesn't take things as it is.she would look in every corner til' she finds this:the truth.its in her roots.wit her there's nothing like ambiguities.its another opportunity 2 display her femininity.that's why necessity is the of MOTHER invention
MOTHER of invention*.not da FATHER who pays less attention.a woman might not kno a man's tools.mayb dey should start teachin dat in skools.besides it is not necessary.she would get a new 1,wit da guy 2 pay da fee.yes a man knows how 2 lose a day,drinkin,playin grand theft auto,drivin aimlessly.

The woman on the other hand cannot afford 2 lose a day,she is thinking,watching an educative show,or offerin herself selflessly.a woman does not have a fist.da only tool she has in her
mist is her mouth.so its better u run down south.dan b cot in a woman's outburst of words...To be continued.


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