Just Me

by Smilie   Mar 7, 2013

You've always been there.
but i just didnt care.
i screamed at you.
i said i hated you.
I wanted you dead.
so you cried in your bed.
till the lights went out.
but you knew what i was about.
so you woke up and smiled.
the pain a bit mild.and you
said you were still my friend.
friend till the time of end.
you gave me a warm embrace.
but i couldnt look you in the face
cuz you were me,and i was you.
somehow i made you feel blue.
and here you were comfortin me.
telling me to open ma eyes to see.
that i only got me.it aint about my family.
it aint about anybody else.
its just me,me and no one else.


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