A wonderful night

by Smilie   Mar 7, 2013

He wanted her so bad
Being around her was driving him mad
He wanted her right there and then
For this shorty was definitely a ten
He started by kissing her lips
He held her by her narrow hips
Pressed his body against her in urgent need
He had been waiting too long to do this very deed
She moaned with ecstasy
Every man's proven fantasy
He couldn't wait any longer
The beast in him was growing stronger
He picked her up and put her in his bed
His clothes he quickly shed
He tied her to the bedpost
He looked like he had just seen a ghost
Her body looked so scrumptious
Man! She was voluptuous
He was intoxicated with lust
The need to be inside her suddenly became a must
He whispered words of affection and desire in her ear
He watched as she slowly drew near
She kissed him passionately
And whimpered desperately
His lips concentrated on her mouth
As his hands traveled further down south
She was tight and wet
There was no need to fret
She would be his most enjoyed feast
He finally unleashed his manly beast
His love poled dived into her sweet honey pot
Temperatures became scorching hot
She held on tight
As they climbed unto a newer height
They both came with cries of elation
This was undeniably better than pleasures of masturbation
His body was covered with sweat
He opened his eyes to find the sheets wet
He sighed and his face shone with gleam
It had been such a wonderful dream


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  • 8 years ago

    by Robie Lincer

    I think this should have gone into the erotic section of the site, the end made me laugh a little, but it had too much exotic words to be placed as funny, but i loved the flow of the poem, it was well written , you got real potential