Under the Moon's Red Shade

by Shinobi   Apr 15, 2013

As the moonlight brightens the sky
Blissfully playing another night-time theme
Shining through a lover's eye
Leading slowly into a beautiful dream

The time has come to rest racing thoughts
Once again forget the bruises and scars
Dreaming of a place close yet so far
While brutally locked by those iron bars

Time fades away to a different truth
Enlightning the way to a new reality
Life caries on wasting youth
While fighting for my own vitality

Through thick and thin those scars bleed
Dripping red for the days ahead
Those emotions water the seed
Which was planted by words unsaid

Dreams come true when fought hard for
Just when the night-time theme is played
Knowing what the future has in store
While laying under the moon's red shade


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