One Unwanted Poem

by Areeba   Apr 30, 2013

No, I didnot wanted to do this from a long time
Didnot wanted to write any sad poem
A poem that showed how miserable my sick life is
A poem that showed how tired I've become of this

Because from a long time I was trying to be okay
Was just trying to be happy and cheerful
Telling myself that the time I wasted being sad was more that the life can take
Though a part of me always knew that this happiness is fake

I forced myself that I will only write cheerful poems
Poems that were subjected to love, relationships and nature
But I didnt knew that leaving depression behind isnt that easy
And it is not that easy to keep myself in world of happiness, to keep myself there busy

So here I am sitting in this lonely room
Doing what I told myself I will not do
With tears in my eyes writing with this bloody pen
Asking myself, to reduce my pain, is this the only thing that I can?


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  • 7 years ago

    by Sherwin Talapian

    It was dark... i love the dark of this poem author express her thoughts on this poem thumbs up :) great poem...

  • 7 years ago

    by xXxMidnight SoulxXx

    I LOVE the third and forth stanza it really does appeal to the heart and those who have been throught this as either human beings or poets i really seem to be drawn to them mayhap cause i have been both and i'm an emotional poet...5/5 from me

    The Exqueen of The Revived Ones