To My Angel In Heaven

by Areeba   May 25, 2017

So I have to let it out
From a long time, I have been holding it on
No more lies, no more happy faces
Without you, I just cannot go on

Dad, why did you have to leave?
Why, just why did you go like this?
Only eighteen years of my life, you were there
And all now I have is just so much to miss

Nothing is same without you
Hours have become longer and days lonely
The clock does not work the way it used to
And from this pain, nothing would ever set me free

I do not see colour in things anymore
Everything has turned black and white
You were my guiding angel
And in the darkest times, you were my only light

I dont know why God had to do this
Why did he took you away from us
They say 'Whatever happens, happens for good'
But I see no good here, only indescribable emptiness

I try and pretend to be happy
But sometimes it becomes too much to bear
Memory of you never leaves me alone
You are in my every wish, in my every prayer

You made mistakes but then who does not?
Yes you did not had a smooth life
But you were the best person I ever met
You were the best father of this world and I say it with no regret

Oh how badly I wish that I can go back to that time
And say so many things to you, all that is left unsaid
Tell you how hard it is for me go on without you
Tell you how much I love you Dad

But somehow I know you are in a better place
God has you in his lovely land
You are no more in pain now
And with this void I have to live, I have to stand

Thankyou for being the best father of this World
Thankyou for everything you did
You will always be in my heart, alive and lovely
My angel in heaven, you will always be missed


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