Leaving Home

by Areeba   May 20, 2013

*I am not a boy, but on poem's demand, I had to write that way since this work is totally imaginative :D*

Yes Mom, I am leaving home
But please know its for better
But you think I am a meanie
And to me its my dreams that only matter

I know I have never been a good son
Always been in wrongs
And countless times I have made you feel shame
But trust me things are not going to be same

I am leaving home to make my life, my career
Rise and shine is what you always blessed me with
Then now, when I am actually going to do so
Why cant you understand the sadness and hopelessness on your face is just too much to bear

I never want to make you cry
Never meant to make you feel bad
All I do, I do it for you
But dont know why it just end up hurting you

But now I am not the boy who lost his path
Who never thought of doing anything right
Now I am a different person
And for you Mom, even with my destiny, I will fight

And to execute my intentions, I have to go
I have to leave my home, have to leave you and dad
But for that I need your support
And its for the good, not for bad

And please tell Dad I can do what he said I never
And after all the ups and downs I still love him and will always do
Now I will fulfill all his expectations, I am saying it out loud
And one day surely, I will make you guys feel proud


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