A Request to Myself

by Boy   Jun 25, 2013

O My sweet Sorrows, wont you stay some more time
for the sake of my emotions those not willing to leave you
Won't you give some more rain of sorrows on my wounds
They all want to feel your charming presence inside me

O My beautiful hurting memories, would you help my sorrows
to run like a stream inside my blood and mind forever lifetime
would you not stay with my feelings to burn my happiness smoothly
Those all want your pretty roll to play, for shaping my sorrows

O My lovely tears, please stay beside my eyes and hide yourself
because my heart wants to be wet once again with your fragrance
wont you listen my inside voices they all request you not to leave
you all are very important for my dying memories to live inside me

O My beautiful broken heart, would you please handle all situation
because i want some more undefined time for making me strong
would you not support me to stand with my these precious things
Please Respect my wonderful pains because of those you are now.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    This poem is beautiful in every way what else can I say? Awesome