by Ali   Jul 20, 2013

Life seems to be going so fast,
Time it seems doesn't seem to last,

The moments that I am spending with you,
Are my lifes best moments so to be true,

Shorter they seem to be for now,
But I live my life in them somehow,

The time I spend without you around me,
I cant express but I am just dead as a sea,

I wish you had come into my life much early,
How I have been longing to be with you so dearly,

Now that you're here and have made me strong,
Always be with me in your heart is where I belong,

All day & night I think about the two of us,
Cherish every moment together & nothing to discuss,

You have given me a new life a new happiness to spring,
My every moment is dedicated to you, to you forever I cling.


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