The love I hate

by Shontaye Frye   Nov 3, 2013

I cherish the thought of the love we had
I continue the thought of the love we made
but now that love is gone
I feel as if there's no reason to for me and you to go on as friends
The love we shared was so everlasting
that the though of being friends wouldn't last forever
I hate to think that way I do but ain't no way in hell that could ever happen
You see I loved you unconditionally
While looking to the future as if you were going to be mine forever
But in the end it was just imaginary thinking
I loved the fun we had together
Will always think about the good times
for thinking of the bad times will only bring painful tears to my eyes
I will always hate you with a passion
Hate is a powerful word but the love I have given you and the hurt that you bought on me makes me feel this way


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