This broken mirror

by Shontaye Frye   Dec 7, 2014

When I look into the mirror all I see is shatter of broken pieces..pieces of my life that I'm trying to put back together
But there's a few pieces that won't go back together
Because I have those who are judgemental and unsupportive and hate to see me win in life
And the pieces that will go back are the ones who care and there is a few of them
Now what do I do with the other pieces in my hand I will give them all to the good lord above knowing that he will help me put those pieces back together and delete the unwanted out of my life
Be cause the only important pieces of the mirror is god, my son,and me who stands in this mirror struggling to put my life back together with the strength and courage I have I know I can do it


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  • 4 years ago

    by Em


    This piece is full of strength and courage, many people can relate to this piece and could be,helped with the strength you show because you can do this and you will with the love and help of those that matter.