by Shontaye Frye   Apr 9, 2016

The feeling of living in sorrow, full of heartache and pain tired of suffering through the ache.
Tired of swimming through my own tears, wishing I can find the drain to unplug this pain
I'm tired of being hurt, tired of being unappreciated just sick and tired of not knowing when the pain is going to away.
I try to reflect on my life to see what I have done to be treated this way
I just can't seem to come up with an answer
all i can do is get on my knee's and pray,and say Lord please take this pain away, please erase this hurt in my life for I can't take it no more
I'm sick and tired of feeling this sorrow


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Shontaye Frye

    Thanks for the words, I only can express myself through my writings because it seems like no one cares about the way u feel

  • 4 years ago

    by Em

    Sometimes life is hard and we have to tale the rough with the smooth. I know right now it my feel like everything and one is against you but it's not and you know the saying things can only get better..

    A piece full of emotion. Take care.