Longing ( collab )

by X Harlea X & Jack Nightengale   Dec 11, 2013

Kiss me.
Under the stars, in a crowd.
Make it know that I'm yours alone.
Show me the way to love filled dreams,
Ones where its only you and me.

Hug me.
Under the moonlit sky.
Never letting the moment go by.
Show me the way to unchain my heart,
So that our love will never fall apart.

Embrace me.
Hold me to where I can't breathe.
Where I can hear your heart beating.
Open my eyes to your loving touch.
Lend me your arms when I need a crutch.

Guide me.
Through my darkest days.
The brightest light to show me the way.
Keep me close, don't let me stray.
Forever I'm yours, and yours I will stay.

Cherish me.
Show me the meaning of love.
Let it take us to the clouds above.
To the edge of space and time,
Our hearts beating together in rhyme.

Enlighten me.
Let me unchain your caged heart.
Here you can stay forever.
Let me captivate you with an open heart,
Let me show you how our love starts.


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by earlgreytea

    Beautiful. :)

  • 6 years ago

    by Jack Nightengale

    I honestly have to say that this completely threw me out of my comfort zone and was very challenging. However I enjoyed writing with you and it gave me the toughest challenge yet. Thank you for writing with me. :)