Darkened hearts

by maryann   Mar 11, 2014

And we searched in the darkness of our hearts for a place we can both feel alive. We chased, we ran, we fell and we hurt; nothing seemed to matter as long as we were connected somehow. The taste of sin, with all it's artificial sweetness always leaves a bitterness that you just can't bear. We dived deep in the ocean, we tried to go against the waves, we tasted the saltiness of our works, we tasted the foul taste of our failures & pain. I grew weary, I couldn't fight, I couldn't cry, I forgot how to be alive; I drowned & hoped you'd come for me, it wasn't til I fought for my life that I realized you were so far away from me.
You turned around & went back to the shore, you left me all alone, in the deep dark waters. All alone I was slowly losing grip, fading softly into nothingness. The pain was not in losing myself, the pain was that you didn't even try to save me from the things you done to me.
In the darkness of those moments, in the darkness of the deep unknown, I heard a voice calling and there was Jesus standing behind all my fears, pain, doubts and heartbreak. There He was a step away from everything that was taking away my life. I stretched out my hand and out of the deep ocean He pulled me out.
His light shown in my life, His blood ran through my veins, He changed my life and wiped away my tears.
He is my God, He is my Savior, He is my everything.
As we searched in the darkness of our hearts we found nothing but hate, resentment and betrayal; nothing but lost hope & broken dreams. Jesus came to where I was, Jesus met me right in the depth of my despair, He gave me a new heart, He gave me new direction, He filled me with purpose & hope.
He is my true and one & only great love


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