Wanting to be accepted

by maryann   Mar 11, 2014

You painted a very beautiful picture of who you are deep in my heart. A beautiful piece of art that I admired so much. Everytime I stared at that painting, I wanted to be just as beautiful just as perfect, I wanted to be just as vibrant & full of life. Then I got closer & opened my heart the bright colors I once loved soon turned to dark. I noticed the real painting & it wasn't of love, it was broken promises, lies and tears all mixed and splattered around. I wanted to be better, just to gain your love, I wanted to be so badly a part of your art, your favorite color and the brush you loved the most. I wanted to be your inspiration I wanted to fit so badly in your artistic heart. I was soon to find that your heart wasn't what your hands painted, the colors weren't what was deep inside. How can darkness paint such a beautiful scene? How can fake paint such a beautiful promise?. How can your mind be filled with gray and your hands are drawing glittering beams. I gained enough strength and touched your painting and with every touch the colors faded, with every touch another dark color came from underneath, I was left there standing staring at a new painting of black. I took a step back and looked at myself, now I am covered in everything I thought you had; love, hope, strength & dignity. I realized I was always a beautiful piece of art and you always tried to decrease my worth always tried to dim my light. I was fearfully and wonderfully made by an artist called God, I never needed your approval, for God's very Son died for my life. I am the apple of HIS very eye. God taught me the hard way to always look to HIM as the ultimate artist of all, for people paint many pictures that are fake just to make themselves look better, but only God paints amazing Grace upon our hearts, He only paints us everlasting love, faith, hope, truth & eternal life with Him. I now admire you LORD & all your wonderful work in my life. Thank you Father


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