Dedicated to the One

by Alanis & Trinity Heart   Apr 3, 2014

Black feathers hover over a grave
Snow petals kiss the ground
But a vow is spoken in blood

Let the crows consume my soul
An inner conspiracy with sweet released
A heart as hard as stone, a mind burdened with ice.

Nothing would stop the unleashing of
Destruction & of vengeance
Rose remains sprinkle the earth
Beauty & chaos ten-fold for her
& for the memories that stay buried inside

The Pain etched in granite
The chains around her ankles
Her eyes seek retaliation
Her clenched fists white with the begotten betrayal of a lover.

Scrolls of blueprints laying around
Reading each one & imagining
Picking the top five
Dark smile in place for the future

Her fingers twitched with sweet ambivalence
Her shadow painting the walls with a new shade of grief.
Tears that erode your soul
Bottling it up & waiting patently for the
great escape
Chains growing fragile as patience starts to snap

A resentful heart and deficiency of grace.
Demons encompasses her from all sides but she commands them
Like a fallen angel, she destroys them with the palm of her vile hands
Demonic angel wings mar her back
Flapping them she hurls everyone away
Grabbing a knife she makes an oath
Sworn to it by the Dark Angels before
Fear doesn't elude her hard eyes
Nor distraction enter her mind
She is a temptress of eternal darkness
A queen of the slaughter

Nails drenched in red
To cover the fact that
many hide
But not for very long
Dragging them to her
Screams make her laugh
So this soul would soon parish
& it would feel good

Splatters of deadly crimson seep
through her back dress
She held his beating heart in her hand
It was her promise
Her true compromise

Laughter & screams intertwine
As the screams fade away
Only the rush remains
Silver eyes glowing
Purring her joy
Today is the day vengeance was made


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