by Monsieur Lefevre   Apr 6, 2014

At first there was confusion, then
His senses woke to water.
Vast shade of blues and whites
Filled in the world around him.
Cold silk clothed every inch
Of his body.
He felt weightless,
As if he had somehow traveled to a blue
Zero gravity chamber,
Held in a region unknown.
He liked it
He tried to breathe but the
Overwhelming blue and white silk infiltrated
His core and froze him to the bone.

His body started shaking uncontrollably,
And was on a rampage.
His fingers twitched in a way as if
They were trying to play
The piano.
There was no piano in the world surrounding him.
His chest was moving in violent shakes,
His hands reaching for the only thing capable of getting the
Ice cold silk out of his throat.
He looked around for help and saw
Other people.
They too were in the world he was,
But there was something different about them.
They weren't moving violently,
They weren't reaching for the unobtainable,
They weren't shaking to the very core from the
Overwhelming silk.
They were,

Like it was nothing!
This blue and white silk that
Was killing him,
Seemed to do nothing to them.
They were all looking at him,
Laughing at him because he was the
Only one in chaos in this world.
He felt so horrible.
Being non-immune to the murderous silk made
Him feel targeted and,
He was so alone in this silk invaded world.
Even with the water breathing hyenas
Surrounding him,
He was still,
So alone.

Then something touched his almost numb
At first he thought death
Had finally arrived to take
Him to his grave, but
The texture of this alien being was soft and slightly
Strands of a light, thin fabric
Materialized beside him.
He looked towards it in fear,
Scared to look death in the
Eyes, no matter what beautiful state.
He then realized that those light strands
Of fabric were hair.
He looked towards the root of the hair,
And it was her.

Her beautiful red and brown
Her soft skin was going through an
Array of blues and whites as if
He was looking through
A kaleidoscope.
Her kind eyes looked at him
As if to say, "I'm here with you."
And he knew that,
And he hated that she had be in the
Same silk world as he was.
But he was glad she was and
Not in some distant world
Suffering alone.

He reached out and held her hand
He looked at her.
At all of her beauty,
Wondering how someone so beautiful can
Go through this torment
That he was in.
But now that she was here,
He didn't feel alone.
He didn't feel targeted anymore.
He just felt calm.
If death were to take them
Right now he would fight,
Of course.
He would not die from the stupid ice cold
Silk surrounding him.
And he wouldn't let her do the same.
He would fight for them both.
To try and escape this hell.

Then out of nowhere,
This deep, unearthly vibration shook the
World around him.
It was as if the loudest
Monster had awoken,
And was ready to eat.
At first he was terrified.
But then he listened to it
And realized what it was.
It wasn't the loud roar of a
Starved monster.
It had harmonic sounds that slowly
Rose out of the endless vibration
Thus filling
The world around him with
He then knew that it was
The alluring sounds of
He then looked at his suffering companion
And mouthed "We're going to survive."
She looked at him in confusion
And he pointed to his ear to signify
For her to listen.
She did.
And so did he.

He looked at her and
She had her eyes closed.
Focusing on the music,
She smiled in delight and she started to rise.
She had left his grip but
Right before she did he felt this odd
Sensation on her hand.
He then listened to the music as well.

His ears drowned out the
Deafening vibration and
Just focused on the beauty.
Each sound-wave burst through
His ears,
Into his brain,
Went down his spine,
Fully took him over,
And then,
He was gone.

Every tense body part now turned into
Useless things attached to his frozen core.
His eyes rolled back in his head
And goose-bumps
Flourishing all over his body.
He felt the silk world slowly
He had no control over his
Facial muscles and he smiled from
His body floated up and up.
Silk sliding around his numb skin.
He continued to rise,
Up and out of the silk world.

Suddenly there was a new sensation.
He emerged from the silk world
And into a new one.
Now his senses woke to
A bright white light,
And no silk.
As soon as he got partly used to
This new world,
The silk world below
Him dropped.

He was expecting to fall
A great distance,
But fell one foot onto a
Solid surface.

He coughed as much ice cold silk out of him as
He could and rolled on his side.
He looked and saw her there
Lying on her side right beside him.
She smiled
And he smiled.
Knowing that they have survived the
Homicidal silk,
They stood up,
Held hands
And walked away from death,
As the music continued to play.


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