connexion brisée

by Monsieur Lefevre   Jun 11, 2018

hey baby,
you mean a lot to me
and i know i don’t
express that
enough, but please,
spare me for
for i cannot
bring myself to open
the doors to a
possible ending.

listen baby,
the fear of an end
is what silences
my verbal affection
and mutes my raging heart.
i do the best i can
with my treacherous vocabulary
but i slip on the rocks
that have held us up
this long.

i can not tell whether or not
you can read
the foreign language
that i speak. a language
that i myself do not
understand. one that i
speak so effortlessly,
so dangerously. it is inaudible
but i hope you hear it
for it is the most i can manage.


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