Somebody Does Love You,, Jump Into Life part 3

by CathyButterflyJC   Apr 19, 2014

Everybody feels unwatned from time to time
Some times you always do
Everyone's pisoned with loneliness
Deceived by other's opinions
And shot with a bullet of depression
That no pill can fix
That no surgeon can cut out
And that no one else seems to understand

And even though you'll keep trying
You'll always have the scars to prove it
Scars to show for what you've been through
Signs to show you're a surviver
Marks dug in your flesh and heart to say
That you made it through
You beat the oddes
When no one else believed in you but God
Though He stays silent
You're not the worthless life everyone said you were
Even though the hard times you were put through

But through all this someone does love you
once you're aware of it you'll see it
And you're life will be seen through more hopeful eyes
And once you see it you'll Love it
You'll Love the one who Loved you so much he gave his life for you

When you mess up
When you fall
When you lose who you really are

When you tumble down a steep road
Lost and you dont know where to go
You feel like your going in circles
And losing everything you love
Your friendships aren't forever
And nothing good seems to last
The ones you love move on without you
Your memories in the dust
Your heart a shattered mess

But one thing is forever
Someone's love that never dies
Who keeps on forgiving
No matter what mistakes we try to hide
With just one act of pray
All your past is forgotten
All your screw-ups go as far back in his mind as possible
Because He wants to get to know you
And He always has time for you
He will never replace you
Because He has known you and Loved you before you were even born
He made you for a reason and all your hurt wil lead up to that

Easter is now upon us
The day He gave His life for us
The day He said to Satin
"I love these people!"
"I love him and her,
And I want them in my life
I'd rather die without them!

Now how does that feel?
To know someone loved you so much
That to save you they died for you?
Bearing the sins of everyone
Who was living
Had already died
And who live
Like you and I?
Feeling the heaviest weight of all
All because of his unfailing love for you
All because that even though you may curse him sometimes
He can feel your pain
And He does not regret making you
Nor dying for you
He loves you through and through
Jesus was born the lowest of the low and saved us!

My advice to you
Is on Sunday morning
Easter or not
Sit in on a Mass/Service
Whether Weshlyan(sorry for bad spelling), Baptiste or Catholic or a nother
They all have different things to offer
But they are all equal in their own way
And do NOT let ANYONE tell YOU differently
If you cannot go to a church
Pick up a Bible
Many second hand stores sell them cheap
And read up on God's promise through the Old Testment for our savior to come

Then read all of or parts of Jesus's life
And His Death
How Three days later He rose and he will come again when we need Him most
Or read random chapters and
See how flawed God's servants were
He choose misfits
Paul was encharge of Christians murders
Peter was impusive
Moses had a hard time speaking
Jermiah was so young
God even choose depressed people too
He choose people you would least expect and People you can relate to

God created you
And He gave you every dream you have
And in your heart He is encouraging you to follow it

Jesus thought of you
And me
And even though we're flawed
He thought of us on that cross
And he died so we could know Love
And a never ending Life
God made each one of Us special
We're not meant to be like anyone else
He gave us the miracle of a child
In Heaven we will feel exceptance and in Our Heart's Love
Jesus died for US!!!


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  • 6 years ago

    by LittleMermaid

    Really beautiful!! Very well written ! Keep writing friend :)