I'm Tired Of Judging, You Judge God

by CathyButterflyJC   Apr 20, 2015

You judge God
Based on the blame for all the judging going on in this world,
How does that make any sense??????????
Jesus preached not to judge people,
He said judge if you wish to be judged,
Why blame Him
Because others judge anyway
And claim it is in His name
He mentioned multiple times in scriptures
NOT to judge,
Stop giving others a hard time
Because they are trying to help you with Christ,
God is
Who saved me,
I wanted to kill myself,
I was at that point in my life
I had the knife at my chest
And my parents weren't the ones to tell me not to,
God was!
And He did so with nothing but love and love for who I am <3
If you won't give Him a chance,
On my bases of stereotypes
And stigmas
Others made up about God,
That others falsified
But don't blame me or others
For being happier for doing just that,
Giving Him a chance!
And loving myself for it
And NOT regretting it!
Don't blame Him for trying to stop judging!


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