Depression poem #1

by CathyButterflyJC   Jun 18, 2014

You don't think it's real,
But it is.
You don't think it can bring a person down,
But look at all the suicides throughout the world.
You don't think it affects me
But it sure does!

Some say we're faking it,
Some saying it's an excuse (like asking for help is an excuse to waste your time),
Some say it's not real!

How many of us have heard "Just get over it"!

Like we couldn't fix ourselves because we didn't want to,
Or like feeling depression was a goal of ours,
Or like we tried to be this way!

We all deal with it differently!

Some cut,
To bleed it out,
Leave reminders,
Call for help,
Or feel something other then the numbing,
Or feel different pain from the one you bear,
A distraction (why I used to)!

Some wear fake smiles,
And a hollow crown of spunk,
A mask so only you know you're broken,
Or put up walls around ourselves so no one can touch nor hurt us,
A shell because we can't trust,
Or let anyone in,
For fear of the inevitably,
And the knowledge no one is excepting,
Or varity of other reasons!

Some have put up with its inescapable poison,
Its tend of torture,
Miserable sap of a train wreck that never goes away,
No matter how much we run,
For a short period that feels like forever,
Or others (like myself),
Have struggled with it their whole life,
Never being able to out run it,
Or lose it,
Or find a way out,
Both are ruining,
Both are insecure,
And both need support,
and others need to understand,
It's not own fault,
And it's real,
And we feel it everyday without a way to flee!

A hopeless sensation,
A disgraceful self-worth,
Securities we can't override,
And a world that understands none of it,
But says it's with us for all of it,
Depression is more then a sadness,
More then a disappointment,
It's a constant feeling of disappointment,
A sadness that distractions you from everything else!

It is what I deal with every day!


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