Cold Dog With An Appetite For Destruction

by Monsieur Lefevre   Feb 13, 2015

Those cold, wet paw prints
leading their way up to the front Door
of that old abandoned house up
on alisdair street
made me grow fearful when i Eventually approached.

there had been rumors in the neighborhood about
a charcoal dog roaming its way through
this once safe haven,
rumors of a dog set out to destroy
the sanity of the friendly sanctuary.

some years ago, that dog had
almost completely taken over.
it became so Powerful, so strong,
no one could tame it.
but eventually it had grown tired of endless Rampage.

but these cold black prints had proven his return.
only his are capable of portraying such depth and despair.
his prints are defiant.
he had finally come back
i just hadn't Expected it to be So Soon.

I had to prepare for what was soon to come.
so i stepped Over his marks of territory cautiously,
i can't win this if he Notices i'm here.
i have to be sneaky
in order to get rid of him for good.


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