Stranger At the Bar

by Ixora   Apr 20, 2015

I write because I fear to breath,
To touch, to have you.
Never have I ever known you
from the depths of anything but soul
You've appeared to me tall, dark, in control
Too consuming to be in your presence
It fills my veins with electricity, my blood with fire,
I beg and plead and fight to deny myself desire
I loathe this ordinary
The whine of every day, it's dreary
I dream of bites and licks
In places that make my body sweat and beg for things
That later make me cry
I dream of your arms around me
Your tongue inside me
I dream of days where my beauty was addictive and intoxicating
Yet now I'm...ordinary
No one cares to touch me in the places that I distance
So I sit at a bar alone
Two shots, two drinks later
Dreaming of this man
To come with blue eyes that have met me before
Not in person but in soul
Not allowing me to doubt
To do anything but love deeply
The man that earns the virginity of my orgasm
As well as my love
And carries me through the night
Over the threshold
To experience
To breathe
To lose breath...
To live life.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    This really is a well written, sensual and intoxicating poem that never crosses the line but is penned delicately and passionately.

    Well done,