The Technique of the Immortal

by Ixora   Aug 22, 2010

The clouds hovered through the sun
Creating strobe lights on the sidewalk
A heart hanging slow, cold like a hard rock

Thinking of memories that there are no emotions for
Don't be so afraid to walk through loves door

Step after step repeating the trail
That led her to desert the mistreated minds
Shone so bright, now ugly and unkind
Of everyone they held because they were lonley
Knowing they weren't their one and their only

But you still listen to their sweet tones
Pretending it's true
Like a worn out warning sign
You know you shouldn't but you do

Because you can't read it you ignore the instinct
The outline is there but the words aren't distinct
So you walk on the eggshells so proud of the proportion
Until your body collapses, a heartless abortion
Of respect.

You jump through the window
But the stories don't end
You're staring at the thought to leave
Still you stay, you commend

The glass around you shatters
Piercing slivers going through
Locking you behind bars for judicial review
Isn't that what you wanted, just as you saw
Someone to fall in the well of the hatred you've created
Held only by a malevolent claw
That once was a loving hand.

This can't be heaven it tastes too much like hell
Your angel has fallen but you're taking it well
At the sound of a whisper I once heard before
"Don't be so afraid to walk through the door"
You surrender to bitterness
Become a credit line
Just another one of them
Like a worn out warning sign.


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