The Warrior

by Ixora   Jan 9, 2018

I imagine love being a blazing inferno
The brave are sure of the other side and jump through quickly, barley burned to reap the rewards
I'm not brave
I run from fire
Sometimes the flame is irresistible and I'll stand in front of it captivated
My body consumed by the heat and reaching out
Terrified the other side holds nothing but my bruised and burned ego
So when the first burn strikes I gather my wits and turn the other way
Your love is unlike any fire I've ever seen
The flames don't roar they dance for me
Random bursts of poetry and fireworks promising peace and adventure if I jump
I tried to run
I tried to hide
But my eyes never wavered
You are patience embodied
So much so that it seeped into me and gave me patience with myself
When you weren't looking I fixed my hair and licked my wounds
I forced a smile and hoped you would still want me to walk through even though I had been destroyed
And when I finally gathered the strength to approach the flame
I found you there
Not on the the other side
Just as terrified as I was you opened your arms
I stepped into them and closed my eyes
safe and ready to try to walk through
My open eyes were greeted with your smile on the other side, protected, painless and madly in love
You were burned and bleeding and so proud
The epitome of strength
And I fixed my hair and kissed your wounds.
Thank you my warrior.


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