World So Cold

by Shinobi   May 23, 2015

Her gaze graces angelic voices
Heart aches, painful to behold
Every day leads to the same choices
Telling stories better left untold

Her touch cures deepest of sorrows
Mind in turmoil broken asunder
Woken up by the same hollows
Every day she has to wonder

Her mind never finds a moments peace
Feelings seek words so kind
Caged, praying for release
Forever craving a peace of mind

Her heart turned dark ages ago
By demons hidden behind a smiling mask
Running, but only sinking below
Who is she you ask?

Risen from darkest of places
Fighting for a brighter new day
Hidden by countless faces
Forever searching for her way

Her gaze graces life's beauty
Her touch banishes thoughts of old
Thus my promise, my duty
To warm her heart in a world so cold


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  • 4 years ago

    by cantchangeme

    Beautifully written piece. Loved every line, this one felt like it came from the heart