The 15 Minute Drive

by Rusheena   Jun 30, 2015

I was sixteen and beaming
at the sight of my bright
red shirt and black pants.
My mama and I had picked up
my new uniform from Hawkinsville.
I'll always remember that day,
how proud Mama was
as I gently placed the uniform
in the back seat.
All of the papers were signed and dated;
I'd report for duty the next week.
I had already picked out
the car that I wanted,
despite not having a cent to name.
I was the only one of my eight cousins
who couldn't drive,
but that would change
by the end of the summer.
My uniform slipped out
of its clear wrapping
and onto my unmade bed,
savoring the smell of brand new linen.
It was just my size!
Still, I had to try it on.
My mama gave it a final look,
in case it needed a fix.
"So, how are you getting to work?" she asked.
"But I... I thought you--"
"I never told you that."
I tried to suppress the lump in my throat,
but I could feel the tears forming.
"This job might not be
a good idea after all."
Silence filled the air and consumed
the last bit of hope that lingered.
I stuffed the clothes back into
the crumpled package
and called my manager.
I'm sure that she thought
I was lying about my ride.
Then again, I wouldn't
even have believed me.
McDonald's was only a
15 minute drive, after all.


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Oh Rusheena, I am so glad you have submitted a new piece! #nice to see you around!

    This poem is so heart-breaking because it starts of showing hope and dreams, and positive attitude for the future that everything will be oka6y and will fall into place, but yet at the end it has all been smashed into the ground and taken away.

    I too connect to this because I can't drive yet, and it does limit your abilities in the world these days.

    What a detailed poem, so sad. I like how you give us a little bit of the conversation, and not the whole sentences, the reader knows exactly what was said, which shows you have written the poem well.

    • 4 years ago

      by Rusheena

      Thanks, Saffie, and it's great to hear from you too! This is part of my final writing project in my creative writing class. I'm not used to writing prompts, especially about family; so, I had a hard time writing all of them. But I glad you liked this!