Nashville, Tennessee (Postcard)

by Rusheena   Jul 8, 2015

Hi, Mama!

"Music City's" skyline is just as you
remembered it; it hasn't changed at all!
The "Batman Building" is still standing tall,
hasn't changed at all.

I crossed the John Seigenthaler
Pedestrian Bridge,
and what a ride it was!
That thrill hasn't changed at all.

I remember crossing it with James back then.
I got a huge knot in my stomach that day;
that feeling hasn't changed at all...

Music Row is a sight to behold!
I took a picture sitting next to
the man playing piano.
That sculpture hasn't changed at all.

The Blockbuster on Abbot Martin is gone,
shame. That's where James bought me
A Bug's Life. I bet he hasn't changed at all.

I bet he still looks like a lighter Michael Jordan,
right down the mustache.
You reckon that he's aged well,
if his voice sounds the same?
I'm sure it hasn't changed at all.

It sounded so youthful--so happy
the last time we spoke, 13 years ago.
Our conversations are just a blur now,
but time hasn't changed at all.

I'm the same girl who waited for her daddy
to call her back, so he could tell her
that he liked that picture she drew for him.
My last memory of James,
it hasn't changed at all.

This is why I'm here. I have to find him;
I need know why I was so easy to forget...
I know where he lives; it's the same brick house.
His address hasn't changed at all.

I hope our second meeting
will be as pleasant as the first,
but something tells me that
he hasn't changed at all.

*Originally a 10 stanza ghazal. This is a setting prompt for my creative writing class. I had to write a postcard that was also a 10 stanza ghazal, but I had to reformat it to post it here.*


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