Juxtaposition Of Paradise

by RainbowSlider   Aug 18, 2015

Before you passed away you told me I would find someone better;
Haunted and hurt so but ten years later I know spirit of your letter.
Pain and strength you endured before you departed, ghosted dear.
Are still with me but I know you are preparing home that is clear.

You knew I wasn't ready to go even though I was ready to follow.
Caught between this world and the next your love is never hollow.
Your healing spirit allows me to go on to do my appointed round.
And helps to share our happiness, joy and freedom we did found.

For in my soul and heart you are just a prayer away and tranquil.
As the smile on your face when you shed your mortal coil, angel.
I will never forget how beautiful you were to me though in death.
Or how you told me that you loved me with your passing breath.

Those blue lips and that wonderful blue dress still linger in mind.
How I wanted to be with you and truly hurt to be left far behind.
The tears I shed for so may years for you were gone to paradise.
And I would never again to see your sweet lips, smile and eyes.

Still I see you on that park bench with me by you side, my love.
So calm and peaceful comfortable in your own skin like a dove.
Children on the playground and us watching them having time.
Like we will be when we are reunited not only by small rhyme.


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