A Peacemaker In Valhalla Part Two

by RainbowSlider   Aug 27, 2015

I am glad that You have won and that I have lost.
For always wanted You to win no matter the cost.
Winning by my surrendering wasn't easy to learn.
Rage was my master but peace was what I yearn.

Letting go wasn't my first choice and so difficult.
For I wanted to win and losing was such a insult.
Broken promises and to me I can still remember.
You weren't there but it was the first dismember.

For I believed her and she seemed like a friend.
Maybe you're the reward Is what I comprehend.
Because You gained much more than our bond.
Wasn't just us as others take to the great beyond.

Valhalla not only for winners and losers are free.
Somebody has to remember the carved oak tree.
The family tree has lost much but gained seeds.
And it remembers those who fought and deeds.

When these leaves fall new growth takes place.
Winners and losers fall without any other trace.
The sense of family will always be the mystery.
It is a shame that only shaken hands be legacy.


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